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What's the difference between a T2202A, T4A and T4 form?



Tuition/T2202A Tax Receipts 

The T2202A (or Tuition, Education & Textbook Amounts Certificate) is an income tax form issued annually, recognizing education-related activity within the tax (calendar) year. It shows the amount of tuition paid that may be claimed for income tax purposes. If you were enrolled in a qualifying program, the T2202A form will also indicate the number of months you are eligible to claim for full or part-time enrolment and textbooks.

T4A Tax Receipts 

A T4A Statement represents the cumulative amount of all Adult Upgrading Grants (AUG) (formerly ABESAP), Canada Study Grants, bursaries, scholarships, Passport to Education or other awards received or redeemed through the College within the tax (calendar) year. Amounts on T4As must be reported as ‘other income’ on an Income Tax return as specified by the Canada Revenue Agency. T4As are issued in February of each year and mailed to the student’s address on record.

T4 Tax Receipts

A T4 is a tax slip issued by an employer to employees for employment income they earned in the calendar year.

Students should always consult Canada Revenue Agency for information pertaining to their claims.

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