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What is the difference between application, admission, registration and enrolment?
What are some of the important dates I need to know about?
What is the difference between Academic Advisors and Counsellors?
When is the deadline to apply for a student loan?
Do I have to apply to a program to take a course at Camosun College?
Is there a minimum age requirement to enter Camosun College?
What does it mean to be an Incomplete Applicant?
Why do I have to Web Declare before registering for courses?
What’s a waitlist?
How do I order my Camosun transcripts?
What is the difference between a T2202A, T4A and T4 form?
How do I get my transcript of grades from high school?
Is there a deadline to apply?
Why can't I register on Camlink?
How do I contact an Academic Advisor?
How do I get a copy of my unofficial Camosun transcript?
What is Web Declare?
What is Camlink?
When do credit courses begin?
How do I get my T2202A Tuition/Education Tax Receipt?
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