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File format changes to .ink and cannot be opened by my instructor

When I try to upload files the format changes to Ink format. I use Microsoft Office Windows 2007. I have taken several courses and my files always save in .docx format. Now it constantly saves in .ink format. No matter what I do.  No one can read the .ink format. 

In Blackboard, after clicking Add Attachments, and select the MyComputer icon and you get a browse window for your own computer. The resulting window offers the options for "My Recent Documents", "Desktop" (the one selected by default), then "My Documents" and 2 others. When adding attachments in Blackboard, you must first to navigate to the location of that file, wherever it has been saved to on your computer.

An additional note -- always make sure the assignment file you created is closed before you browse and attach it. Leaving it open can also result in attachment problems

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