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What is my Mustang Mail address and how do I access email?       

The username for Student Mustang Mail accounts is derived from your USW Student ID. Your username is comprised of the first letter (not case sensitive) followed by the actual number without the 0’s just after the letter.  For example,

·         If your USW Student Id is A0000120456, then your username for all logins on USW online systems would be A120456.

·         If your USW Student ID is A0000000012, then the new username would be A12.


This is all that is needed to login to Mustang Mail, Blackboard and the Student Portal.

Should you need to provide the actual USW email address, please read the following information.


For increased security, the username and the email address are not the same. Your actual USW email address is determined by a simple formula.


First 4 letters of your first name + First 4 letters of your last name + the first 5 characters of your Username = email


Example: Monique Carlotta’s USW ID is A00000851235

               Her username is A851235

              Her email is


If your username does not contain 5 characters then it will end with the full username.


Example:    Danny Bartlett has a USW Student ID of C0000000012

                His username is C12

                 His email is


This is a complex email address, but you won’t have to remember as Outlook Web Access has an address book available. You should never have to type an email address!

Students, click here to download complete instructions
Faculty and Staff, click here to download complete instructions.
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