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What information do I need for an incoming wire transfer?

What information do I need for an incoming wire transfer?

The information you need to provide the sender depends on the currency being wired, not on the location of the sending bank:

  • Basic information: You must provide the sending bank with your personal information (name and address) and your banking information (transit number and Vancity account number). Your banking information is imprinted on the bottom of your cheques, as illustrated in the image below.

You can also get your transit number from our online branch locator.

  • Additional information: You must also provide routing instructions that vary depending on the currency being sent. Complete instructions for the currencies we support are provided at the links below.

If your wire transfer instructions are incomplete, the funds will be returned to the sending bank.

Processing time for international wires is typically three to five business days. Transfers within North America are usually faster

The sending institution and intermediary banks may deduct service charges prior to the wire arriving at Vancity. We have no control over the imposition of these fees, nor are we advised of these fees in advance of the funds being sent. Vancity charges a $5.00 service fee for processing incoming wire transfers.

For assistance with incoming wire transfer instructions, please contact the Member Service Centre at 604-877-7000 or toll-free within North America at 1-888-vancity (826-2489).

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