Adobe Content Migration: Downloading content from ACP/ using the .Zip file method

The fastest way to move uploaded content and recordings from an or account to a new AC-Connect account is by using the Zip file method described here.

Note, however, that if you are moving a recording, content does not get downloaded with the recording using this Zip file method. See the related answer below for a longer method of converting your recordings to FLV (Flash Video) files that will capture all the screen content. FLV files can be viewed offline, and copied in to a new AC-Connect content folder, but cannot be edited in Adobe Connect.

How to download content from an Adobe Connect Meeting using the Zip file method

The Zip file method was tested using these types of files: PDF, PPT, PPTX, FLV, SWF. All files played back successfully on AC-Connect.

One of benefits of migrating files this way is that it is non-destructive, i.e., it doesn't require moving items from the Meetings directory to the Content directory in Adobe Connect nor does it delete anything in the download process. This means that the content can exist on both the old and new Adobe Connect servers so existing links won't be broken on the old server.

1. Log in to your Adobe Connect account at or (Do not log directly in to a meeting.)

2. Click on Meetings > My Meetings to display your meetings. (On the top navigation bar)

3. Click on the name of the meeting you wish to work with. This will bring up the Meeting Information screen.

4. Click on Uploaded Content link. This displays a list of content that has already been uploaded to that meeting.

5. Click on the item name. This brings up the Uploaded Content Information page and displays the URL to access the item.

6. Copy the URL.

7. Open a new browser window or tab.

8. Paste the URL into the address bar, but do not press enter or GO.

9. Add this text to the end of the URL: output/  
  • Changing the text “filename” changes the name of the downloaded Zip file. For example, change the URL to:
Example 1:

Example 2:

10. Press enter to Go.

11. A Zip file, called (e.g., “” or “”) will be saved to your browser's download directory.

12. Repeat the above steps for each item you wish to save.

13. Zip files can be directly uploaded in to your new AC-Connect Content directory.

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