Where do I find information on the ABT (Applied Business Technology) collaborative program?

The ABT (Applied Business Technology) province-wide program allows students to take online ABT courses offered at 12 participating institutions in the BC post-secondary system.

For information on this collaborative program:

Go to  
2. Click Courses
3. Select Course Schedules 

For each course, there is a comprehensive course description, start and end dates, and "Contact" link when YES under the Sections column is selected. This course directory also lists the online Legal Administration courses and Medical Office Assistant courses.

To register for one or more of these courses, contact an ABT Coordinator at one of the institutions:  

Once you have chosen an institution, you can apply, register for your classes and then begin your course(s). Your ABT program coordinator will help you select the courses and provide you with further information. The home institutions can also provide you with information about financial assistance.

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