Adobe Connect Migration: Downloading a Meeting Recording from Adobe Connect as an FLV (Flash Video) file.

How to download an Adobe Connect Meeting Recording as an FLV (Flash Video) file

Using this method, your Adobe Connect meeting will be recorded in real time: if the meeting you are “Making offline” (downloading) was one hour long, it will take one hour to complete the FLV recording. This method is useful if you want to view the FLV video recording separately from Adobe Connect; however, you will need an FLV viewer application on your computer to view the video. With other software, FLV files can be converted to the MP4 video format for more general viewing. FLVs are not easily edited and the quality may not be as good as you would see in Adobe Connect; however, the FLV will show everything seen on the screen during the recorded meeting.

  1. Log in to your Adobe Connect account. ( or
  2. Go to: Meetings > My Meetings
  3. Click on the Name of a Meeting from the list of meetings. Meeting Information is displayed.
  4. Click Recordings.
  5. Choose a recording from the list and click Make Offline
  6. Confirm you wish to proceed with Offline recording. Click Proceed with Offline Recording.
  7. Before the recording begins, you will be asked to Save File As... to save the file as an FLV (Flash Video file).

  8. The meeting will play back and be recorded in real time.
  9. The recording stops when the complete meeting has played.
  10. The saved .FLV file can be uploaded to the Content folder in your account. (See related answer below.)

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