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I have dial-up Internet service. Could this cause problems with accessing my course?

Slow response and download time and course timeouts can be due to a dial-up Internet connection. Factors that affect Internet speed when using dial-up service include:

  • the condition of your telephone line
  • the distance between your location and your provider
  • the wiring inside your home
  • the age of a computer (newer, faster computers usually download content faster than older computers)

Here are some suggestions on how to improve your connection:

  1. Access your course at a different time of day. Typically, in North America, the busiest times on the Internet are between 6pm and 1am.  
  2. If you find all web sites are slow, there could be a configuration problem on your computer. A computer technician or consultant can help with this. 
  3. Try accessing your course from a different computer, e.g., one that uses DSL or ADSL Internet service, to see if the response time improves. 
  4. If you use dial-up service and have "call waiting," then incoming phone calls might disconnect you from the Internet and your course. 
  5. Freeing up space on your hard drive might improve system performance. You can do this by emptying your Recycle Bin, deleting temporary Internet files, clearing your browser's cache, and running a defragmentation of your hard drive every few months. If you feel uncomfortable doing any of these, please check with a computer technician or consultant.

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