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IT Services/Wireless Network

I would like to use the internet on my laptop.  How do I connect to Okanagan College's wireless network.

Connecting to OC Wireless using Windows XP built-in networking. If your computer is set up to use other connection software, you may have to use that instead.

Manually add the OC wireless network into your workstation

A.     Open “Network Connections” from the control panel.

B.     Double Click “Wireless Network Connection” item.

Click “Refresh Network list” int the wireless network connection dialog box.

Select the “OC” wireless network.

Click the “Connect” button.

Click the “Connect Anyway” button to join the OC wireless network.

Verify the connection aquires an address and is listed as connected.

H.    Open a web browser and sign in for Internet access.

A visual presentation of these steps can be found here